Mechatronics @ Hindustan

creativity and dynamism are the key characteristics of Zinzi students they think to go beyond limits and adapt to technological changes mechatronics is such an interdisciplinary platform which allows them to explore and grow in multi-dimensions BTech mechatronics at in dastan focuses on robotics at automation systems the thing I love most about robotics is how all the different fields of engineering combined together to form an English in system or a robot sensing taking a decision predicting the possible outcomes and reacting accordingly our state of art facilities industry internship and real time projects are the key features of our program this enables our students to solve societal problems at global levels a project is about pentesting robot the main idea of the project is to check the quality of a pin in a pin manufacturing industry our robot requests lots of mathematical modeling and simulations so we have derived forward and inverse kinematics and similar to the software movement our project is pal and manipulator the main areas where the parallel manipulator used our industry space medical science our project is magnetic all flaming robot it is design for AI altitude ferromagnetic surfaces before finalizing this design we are gone through many papers and opted for this design my research focuses on patient assess a robot bedridden patients and the elderly people often left alone our laksa code the idea is to provide companionship using a robot people can directly interact with a robot using their voice those who are not able to speak cannot show you their gestures to control the robot the field which I am interested is collaborative over robots where the focus is on making the robots to work as an e Chiba tasks despite applications in industries warehouse search and rescue and difference applications even though it is an extensive research work with strong mathematical formulation sensing and control design different modules are assigned to the students as major project we've been giving more emphasis on project-based learning in order to excel in mechatronics engineering one must move mechanical design electrical systems programming and control we make sure our students gain proficiency in all of this our research focuses on robotics automation virtual reality artificial intelligence condition monitoring to making our students participate in various national and international design competition in increasingly global and network market it is more important than ever to collaborate we have been extremely successful working jointly with industries academy available learning mechatronics will enable students to accept various endearing avenues including the such endeavor French industry and starters you

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