Mechatronics Engineering Technology

so robotics have a number of applications and there's even a trade application alcohol cobot –ax where robots work side by side with human beings when I first came here this is gonna sound silly but it was it was almost like I couldn't believe they paid me to make parts and play with machines and stuff it was just it was just so much fun because it was so new it was so new and it was so fast paced and and I love to keep things moving along and and it was really intriguing and so yes I thought I was going to stay here forever in 22 when was 24 years less time still here basically we are in charge of keeping the lines running at full production catching breakdowns making parts if need be it's a it's an outdated part that can't be sourced and then we'll make it in-house and make sure they get their production out at the door but primarily the program is designed to be for the technician who is going to be installing and repairing mechatronic systems so robotics are usually doing things that are repetitive tasks that will cause human injury or things that are extremely hot environmentally or extremely dangerous for some particular aspect and sometimes they're just done where you have to have a lot of speed other than hugs Allah is poor and the PSC force and working on the different robots we haven't even had a chance to bid on and then go silver but it was it was it was great though the great experience and then the technicians that we trained in this program are the ones that are going to do setups and make sure that everything's tuned so that it's optimized on the manufacturing line basically like industrial automation kind of like an advanced manufacturing it would be a good way to describe it just learning how to work on the components of say a production line and make everything work properly we will schedule a maintenance program to do what they call a preventative maintenance on it which is to go through everything and try and fix any problem we've had and to check and make sure that we don't have a future problem occurring I do a little reprogramming on the robots we do what we call a running PM here so when the machine is running you actually walk around and you use all your senses to tell okay if you've got a rewriting movement in an arm on one of the robots you may have something going on there so we'll use a running theme to diagnose a future problem that we could not see actually on a shutdown p.m. anyone who is who is a self motivator for one loves learn new skills and new things loves to see automation is intrigued by things like robots and computers and PLC's and stuff I think they would they have a rewarding career you

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