Mechatronics: Discover the engineering behind autonomous cars and drones

If you enjoy building stuff, creating solutions to problems, that's what you're going to, you're going to enjoy this class as well, it's what engineering is about. The class is really great because they get to take the theory of things like sensors and feedback and microcontrollers and communications and really apply it into something that they get to both design and build in this course. It's definitely one of my favorite classes. I was interested in the robotics and the automation of certain processes before, and getting the outlet to do these kind of things is really cool. There's a lot of real-world applications like autonomous cars and drones. Yeah, when you go home and you start thinking about what they did in the lab, then you think about how excited they were, then you start getting excited and they're texting me and we get into the conversation about what to do next… It's very exciting. I like that I can see what I've done — it works and makes me really proud to see that it actually works well. It's going to be the highlight of my entire engineering career, this project, for sure.

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