Mechatronics at Eastfield College

my name is Roderick Kines I am in the mechatronics program when I heard about the mechatronics program that was being offered at early in the early college program at a tradie spruce I realized I got a jump on this as quickly as possible this has been a great decision because not only am i going into a field that I really enjoy I feel like that when I do this it's not gonna feel like work it's gonna feel like something that I'm passionate about it's gonna be a career that I actually enjoyed my name is Sheila Hernandez at first I mean I wanted to when I was younger I was thinking about getting into law I actually wanted to be an immigration lawyer but then when I got into the mechatronics program I started learning a lot of new things and that's what really got me involved the fact that we learn new things every day it's nothing it's nothing it's the same thing every day every day every day we learn new things and it's pretty cool you know like it's something different I'm the type of person that likes to learn hands-on and not really like books and stuff so that's pretty cool you get to actually experience what we're learning my experience at Eastfield so far I would have to say has been a complete blast the environment the entire environment within itself is so relaxing I really like it it's something different because you get to be in an environment we told what to do ahead of time you get to have a little bit more freedom but you also have responsibilities what interested me was the fact that they said that we would graduate with an associate's degree and our high school diploma the early college program actually gives us our free classes free books everything's actually pretty much free we don't pay for anything so that's pretty good and amazing because College and everything is exclusive nowadays some of our parents can't pay for things like that so that's why I think it's a great advantage to take after graduation our professor was kind enough to jobs lined up job interviews lined up for us so I plan on going one of those and hopefully staying you know active in the field for a certain amount of time until I can eventually pay for college elsewhere and maybe go on to a four-year university or study abroad the advantage of getting out of school early with an associate's degree in this field is because one most technicians like ourselves are and are in a high need future students who are considering mechatronics I would tell them that you know your this isn't a waste of time this is something that you can truly succeed in and you can truly be happy in this field as far as graduating early goes we save a lot more time a lot more money and it's something something they won't regret because they need to become someone in life and that's the most important

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