Mechanical Engineering Technology (Manufacturing) Co-op

Manufacturing is really more of a mechanical design based program so that really interested me, where you’d be
designing parts and practically making them and implementing them
downstairs in the machine shop. It’s a very hands-on program as well, you spend a lot of time in the shop. You get a good understanding of just how things are made in general. So far, I’d say a lot of the interesting
things happen down in the shop. I mean, you do make some fairly neat objects, I guess. You make stuff that interests you and you spend a lot of
time down there and you do really get to know the machines. So I find that pretty interesting. I was expecting more of a bigger group of people, I guess. We have a smaller class size now and it’s actually a lot more enjoyable so a smaller class size is really nice. It’s a great program. You do learn a lot, it’s a lot of work but I mean it’s it really does pay off so. I’d like to potentially get into the oil and gas industry and the manufacturing of tools and things that are used in the trade. I decided on the College of the North Atlantic because I really wasn’t set out for university and wanted something hands-on. Someone looking at doing this program, I’d recommend it as long as you are interested in hands on because you will be down in the shop working. If you’re afraid of heavy machinery, it’s not really for you but if you don’t mind designing on computers and implementing it downstairs, you’re set. When it came to this course, I was hoping it was going to be a bit more like a machinist because that is really what I wanted to do but we are learning the design aspect for a machinist to make the part so you do learn the majority of it. I can see myself working in the oil and gas or in a high production facility, designing parts for the oil industry. If you’re interested in any of these engineering programs, especially manufacturing that you want to be interested in machinery and making and designing, it’s not HVAC or anything like that, it’s actually designing and machining parts. And make sure you are willing to work hands on and it is a lot of work. In intercession, we spent every Friday down here and it was all
now machining and making parts by hand and its really good experience because you get to make something in school.

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