Mechanical Engineering (MSc), DTU

Over the last two years, I have been preparing to do a perfect round off with my master thesis. Here it is regarding design and development of airfoil bearings where we combine electrical components into the mechanical system, henceforth making it an electromechanical system It could be designed for a clean tech environment. For example here the food production or a medicine production where you do not want contamination from the lubrication of the bearing. I think it is really a great experience. I took some of the parts from two different worlds. The first one is control and design of control systems, and the other one is modelling of mechanical systems. And then combining these two things making it to benefit with each other you can actually enhance performance quite a lot. That is what you see more and more in the future, that you actually try to monitor and to control mechanical systems. One of the most exciting parts has been to actually be able to link theory with experiments, and being able to optimize the performance of the system. And we actually succeeded in this.
And it has been wonderful. I have actually been able to start up a company with a friend, who is now my partner, and we’re offering a joining technology for the cable industry. It’s hardware product or hardware start-up, where we aim at the industry of conductors and the industry of electrical wiring. We got a grant from a foundation so we are able to support our own salary over the next year. And it is incredible for me to have this opportunity, and I feel very lucky.

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