MCD (Mechatronics Concept Designer) for Virtual Animation in Siemens Nx with PLC

girl friends once again welcome to the automation integration in this video we will learn about mechatronics concept design actually macaronis concept design is used for 3d and virtual simulation so while we are interfacing OPC server with the PLC and front of PLC we want to send the data and to a particular object and how this object will move in real time so that we can see in 3d virtual animation with this designing software so here we are using this simple sanic software and in this NX software we designed 3d model and particularly object moment we can see see see from the data so particular this object while we will assign CFPA PLC data or PLC signal and you can give any beat with different object and from this data we can see the virtual animation in this nf software so first of all we'll configure a Siemens PLC in this somatic manager and we'll configure this OPC server if you don't know about how to configure OPC servers you can see what previous video in your piece video we have seen how to configure this OPC and in this PNP I have made a simple program so one start and stop bit and on digital input I 136 point 0 and from this both the beat I will make this beat to 136 for 0 more on/off so this three variables we will configure in efficient from the OPC we will send data into an ex after so now I will open this OPC so you can see in the OPC server you know taken 3 parameters in monitoring window and you can see the data right now all three bits will use false win 0 and in this data will be sent into a net software so once again we'll come into an X and now we will go for this external controller and we will select this OPC client parameters so from the OPC we will select this three pediment of parameters and from this parameter we'll assign a particular object why is this beat so I will select this OPC somatic net so downside will will get the parameters which we used in PMC programming so you can see this motor start/stop and one of ribbits we are getting here select all repeat and okay now we will go for Sigma OPC signal mapping so this project has its own name and a particular this object while wise I will ascend this OPC tag so absurd you can see here you selected this OPC tag so all three mortar on often starts up with we have used so I want to use this model bit and downside I will assign this tag particular this to this object so this is object name and I understand this water wait for the movement of this object and press ok now I am being the data from the PLC and as for that teensy data this object will move so currently we have used this object and I was and this parameter to this object so this object will move as per the signal coming from the PFC so now you can see right now this motor bit is off and I will send the data from the PLC and from go PC it will send to an X so now I will press this play button so now we are in monitoring view and I am sending the data from POC so now you can see I am sending data from the PLC and this object is moving as for the beat so when I am sending the data one so that time you can see this bit is on and now I will make the speed off from PLC and its object will move as per the signal so this is how we can send the data from plc to OPC server and OPC server will be used for different application like MCD cons of another discerning software's so thank you very much for watching the video

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  1. Nilesh Kawale said:

    How can I learn this mechatronics concept designer in nx totally?

    May 23, 2019

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