Master's Programme in Health Informatics

I decided to study health informatics at KI because I think it's a future field where there will be a lot of development and I will be able to do some good for society I've always been interested in both medicine and information technology there is a great need to store and retrieve information that can be used for decision-making I was struggling between choosing medical education or engineering I was really excited to mix both fields what is most interesting or exciting with health informatics is to experience the reaction of clinicians of amazement and excitement the combination of two grades and major areas where development is very fast that's where the main development in the health section is today to deliver health informatics systems that help patients to receive better health care is the most important one by studying health informatics at the K I I got to develop my personal skills studying health informatics is broaden my understanding of how people with different backgrounds and objectives can collaborate and achieve one in the same goal I get a greater understanding for how people work and what can go wrong during my studies I discovered that health informatics has a great potential to improve healthcare yet there are still many problems and questions that need to be solved and therefore I have decided to now continue with research my vision is when I'm done with research and and hopefully I can continue with that I hope to deliver something to health care that they can receive and use both for patients but also for those working in health care

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