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The Masterpiece Series introduces three new
hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers, that are the culmination of almost 40 years of engineering
and speaker design. Starting with the Impression, which features
an 11-inch stat panel, dual 8-inch woofers, and dual 275 watt amplifiers driving those
woofers. A step up from that is the Expression, with
a larger set of features including a 13-inch stat panel, dual 10-inch woofers, and dual
300 watt amplifiers. The flagship of the series is the Renaissance,
which features an impressive 15-inch stat panel, dual 12-inch woofers, and dual 500
watt amplifiers. The stat panels in the Masterpiece Series
have grown larger. The larger a stat panel gets, the more dynamic and detained the sound stage becomes. The advantage of a larger ESL panel is that
we have more area, more diaphragm making sound, so each part of the diaphragm has to work
less to make the total output. And this gives us an effortless sound, when
you turn the volume up, the speaker just gets louder, and it sounds seamless and smooth. Portions of the speaker that we are particularly
proud of is the way the electronics were all developed into a chassis that integrates all
of the amplifiers, the DSP control, and the crossover. Instead of putting all those parts throughout
the cabinet, they simply attach onto the bottom very cleanly and simply. We were able to really minimize signal path
length and interference, and really integrate all the controls right into the back of there,
that are all easily accessible for bass adjustments, easy access to the binding post and inputs. So when it comes to binding posts, we had
such a great experience with using the WBT brand, using there very premium product on
the Neolith, that we brought the same kind of performance, both in the areas of its metallurgy,
its mechanical integrity, and its ability to take the most micro bit of information
and transfer it through, and allows for just the most perfect transfer of signal. In the Masterpiece Series, the top three models being the Renaissance, the Expression, and the Impression, integrate a myriad of bass technologies to keep up with the stat panel. So these products have ForceForward bass technology. We’re steering the bass toward the listener
and away from the wall behind the speaker. And this is done by phasing the woofers in
a specific way that causes cancellation of the backward going wave. Below 40Hz, bringing the woofers back in phase,
to give you maximum output, and maximum bass. And a side benefit for the customer is that
if necessary, you can get awfully close to the rear wall if you don’t want to intrude
too far into the room. And we’re able to bring a whole new generation
of improvements, technically and the crossover and with the DSP, so we can really execute
the ideas of ForceForward at such a high level. One of the coolest features of the Masterpiece
Series is the ARC room correction. It allows the entire series of speakers to
integrate into any environment, really get good consistent bass performance. With an electrostatic panel, because sound
is directional, you have very tight control over where that sound is coming into the room at. But with bass frequencies, sound becomes more
omni-directional, which leads to a lot of weird interaction within the room, creating
peaks and valleys throughout the room. Most homes have terrible issues based on where
you place the speaker. The rooms themselves are the culprit. By using our system, and specialized microphone,
you’re going to literally take the room out of the equation. The result is flattening the room out to an
ideal bass performance, every time. These speakers also have a deep bass control
that allows you to turn down the bass if you’re in a small room and it’s too much, or turn
it up if you’re in a big room and need to fill it. It can work nicely with ARC in that once ARC
corrects for all the room response, then you can actually tailor the sound to your preference,
if the perfectly flat is not exactly what you’re looking for. The sum of all these parts delivers an emotional
experience greater than those parts. It essentially delivers the musical truth. One of the exciting things about the Masterpiece
Series is we’ve brought all of our technology together, we made some great sounding products,
and I think people are just going to love them. You know something’s a masterpiece when the
first time you sit down and experience it, you get lost in the moment almost instantly. As humbly as I can say this, we feel this
effort is our masterpiece, our master work.

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