Master Innovation Research Informatics – High Performance Computing – FIB (BarcelonaTech)

after finishing my degree I wanted to continue studying and focusing on computer architecture and this master was a clear path to achieve that the master focuses on specialized content in my case on high performance computing and computer katek two and one of the best things about the master is that everything you study is the state of the art of the topic in the classes students are encouraged to participate both asking questions and in discussions and in the labs you had to work with a other student from around the world which gives different perspectives for the same topics it's really useful to have a hands-on approach in the labs of what you just learned in class both working in industry or doing research are real options after finishing the Masters personally I intend to pursue a PhD in computer architecture if you're thinking of enrolling in these masters I really encourage you to do it because it's about the way of following your studies of certain degree

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