Master Innovation Research Informatics – Data Mining and Business Intelligence – FIB

the reason why I've chosen this master is because I'm very interested in data science and the definition of this concept is very wide and it includes many fields mathematics statistics data mining machine learning and this master provides the mix of these fields this program provides a very complete knowledge and it is very interesting to doing this master after your Bachelor living in first semester you have compulsory courses for all MIDI specializations in second and third you have elective courses from this master or another masters from EPC and master thesis takes place in fourth semester from 70s till now the software main purposes was automation of management processes now there is a explosion of information due to internet social networks and environmental sensors moreover we get a big amount of heterogeneous data the employment opportunities cover the whole range of sites you can do research in labs universities or you can find a job in other institutions for example in government to detect fraud in health care business for instance stock market and market analysis or even in industry or private sector I would say that if you want to grow into a very good data analyst with a strong background in computer science you should choose this faculty as it provides many tools you may need

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