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do you work on board a ship or employ people who do amendments to standards of training certification and watchkeeping now mean everyone employed or engaged on board ships must have an approved STCW security training certificates for the first time this includes concessionaires and hotel staff on cruise ships at Marlins we have Flag approved STCW security courses available online for whatever type of ship you work on so you can carry out your training obtain your certificate and start working on boards without delay how does it work – by the course just visit our website select your vessel type choose if you have designated security duties or not and then select the flag approval you need if you buy just one course you can start studying online right away anytime anyplace or you can buy multiple courses and distribute them to your crew wherever they are what flag approvals does Marlins offer we have approvals from three maritime administrations the Liberia flag approved course lets you study the course at home and take the assessments at home as well pass the assessments and you'll be able to print your own low-barrier approved certificate immediately the Isle of Man approval works in exactly the same way need a UK MCA approved certificate no problem purchase our MCA approved course and study at home when you're finished you will receive a proof of study receipt take this and your identification documents to a Marlins approved test center there are more than 150 around the world in 32 countries at the Marlins approved test center you will take the final assessment under exam conditions and when you pass you'll get a signed stamped UK MCA approved certificate how much does it cost our pricing is extremely competitive see for yourself select the course you need on our online shop for an instant quotation and simply pay online and start studying no fuss no delay Marlon's elearning giving you maximum flexibility for your training needs wherever you are visit UK for your STCW security training today

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  1. Aristiana Gunawan said:

    Please help me, I'm willing to joint the test, but I don't have PayPal account, please, do you have bank debit card payment? Thank youm

    June 26, 2019

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