MAHLE Mechatronics division — From local Experts to key Global Players

electric motors for years they have powered trains streetcars and machinery thanks to optimize battery technology they are also increasingly used as an alternative to the combustion engine in automobiles and two-wheeled vehicle the number of electrically driven auxiliary components and vehicles is also growing with its mechatronics division malla is helping to shape the development of a mobility here at the new Mizzou location near Mount Fuji in Japan for example male electric drums Japan is one of the driving forces behind this transition we have to prepare we have to perform to customer of our new technology wine samples are a 2d code right is more higher efficiency more high density polisher was more how to be serious limit proposal we need all kinds of electric drives are developed at the new Mizzou location which benefits from a wealth of knowledge and an excellent supplier network in 2015 in this traditional company then still known as cocoa sang bengi joined male the primary focus of the business is unreal ative lee small drives that are fitted in two-wheeled vehicles for example or my understandings are all after all points are under one o'clock I want to talk up this earlier is a more stronger more with technology the second key location of the mechatronics division is in Slovenia the former electrical company has also been part of malice into 2014 this sham PepsiCo succeed location manufactures electric drives for steering systems starter motors forklifts scooters and recently also for a passenger car that is scheduled to start production in 2018 this is also related to their tradition that we do have a small electrical developing electrical machines for quite a lot of years and this is of course building of know-how with the competences which is contributing on the development of such products that we are offering to the market vehicle manufacturers are facing new challenges Malus mechatronics division offers solutions because they are under big pressure how to find a solution that still 2021 they will reduce the co2 emissions below ninety five gram per kilometer and here we have a nice opportunity to offer our 48 volt multi bit systems standing out from the competition in terms of quality performance and reliability requires a great deal of experience as well as extensive testing for example this device detects the presence of any unwanted noises the components are also subjected to extreme excitation in order to test the continuous load and hear radio signals or electromagnetic waves which could lead to malfunctions are investigated only after these extensive tests high quality products that are worthy of bearing the malla name are manufactured the mechatronics division also stands for technical innovation high quality and reliability as a result more and more customers are choosing our solutions for the vehicles they are already producing today as well as for their designs for tomorrow

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    Ich mag Mahle😍❤ sehr gut👏 Ich träume davon, dort zu arbeiten.

    June 26, 2019

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