M+AE Mechatronics Branch Selection

my patience is basically mechanical systems and electronics put together so we have a bit of mechanical engineering and engineering mechanical electrical computing and control systems mechatronics is it focuses on a multidisciplinary system you know how the mechanical can interface with the electrical to interface with the senses and really it's how technology can really interact with the environment around us simple ways to solve from the thirteenth episode of us how to consider three main factors that will go into whatever you design how does your working interface with everything else how does everything work together feel like mechatronics sets you up coming up with solutions prototyping testing out prototypes and coming up the final designs so we use CAD which is computer designed to create our models and then after that we can visualize see how all the systems is great together and optimize it to make our design festa can be so once cad designing is done we move into the manufacturing process where we use 3d printing laser cutting and CNC machining life so very exciting it makes us you know very passionate about what we're doing one little project we did was making an ultrasonic range bind off and that was only the first few weeks so then we had to make a heart rate monitor so really panic we have 3d printers we have to put in all the electronics we have to do is Korean form so we went from end to end of the design engineering process and then through all the different streams of engineering to create a product that he's actually out there on the market it was very exciting for especially no secular education comes together and you can make one mechatronics system which is used in daily life like if there s these simple things like washing machines and dishwashers and even microwave

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