Madison College and UW-Platteville Sign Biotechnology Articulation Agreement

>>Bill Bessette: Madison College’s new biotechnology
agreement with UW-Platteville [CLAPPING]
has current Madison College biotech students a little jealous.>>Katie Prock/Madison College Biotechnology
Student: It’s the kind of thing I wish I could have done as an undergrad. It’s directly related to a field you’re
going to be working in. It’s a lot of hands-on experience instead
of spending hours in front of slide shows and presentations and taking notes—and maybe
spending an hour in the lab that week if you’re lucky.>>Bill: The new agreement between Madison
College and UW-Platteville allows biotechnology students to earn a bachelor’s degree and
a post-baccalaureate certificate in just four years.>>Tom Tubon/Madison College Biotechnology
Instructor: It puts those students at a tremendous advantage over the other students out there
in that when they complete their bachelor’s degree, they’re also equipped with the skills
set which makes them competitive to go right into industry or academic biotechnology laboratories.”>>Bill: The new agreement with UW-Platteville
begins this fall. To learn more about Madison College’s biotechnology
program, call Dr. Lisa Seidman at (608) 246-6204. For Madison College Minute, I’m Bill Bessette.

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