Made with Code: Erica Kochi, UNICEF's Innovation Unit

health is the prerequisite to everything else in life if you aren't healthy it doesn't matter how educated you are it doesn't matter what kind of job you have it doesn't matter how rich you are how poor you are if you don't have health you don't have anything I grew up in Japan the US Afghanistan Burma so it's London and the UK growing up around the world and seeing injustice and seeing such great inequity made me want to help people my name is Erica Kochi and I leave innovation at UNICEF in 2007 I was in a very rural village in eastern Senegal it looks like desert for as far as the eye can see even though there was no electricity no roads people still had cellphones and that's when I realized that we had a two-way communication device in the hands of people in the most remote locations what coding allowed us to do was to build systems to communicate with thousands of people hundreds of thousands of people even around the world only one in three children have their births officially registered through code we were able to register children's births all across Nigeria we could ensure that children get immunized ensure that they get treated for HIV ensure the children stay in school and ensure that they're protected from a whole range of things it also ensures that they have a voice a light of code on the screen is not just a line of code it can power the things that you want to see the things that people use the things that people interact with the things that can change the world code is the tool to help you build the world you want to see you

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