M&A data analytics

the M&A lifecycle is awash in data the challenge is transforming disparate data into impactful insights and meaningful action steps within the time constraints of a deal to address these challenges Deloitte has developed ideal our innovative M&A analytics platform ideal is an integrated set of tools that extracts insights from a targets data that can be used across the M&A lifecycle ideal helps you make fact-based decisions to drive strategy increase return on investment and mitigate risks I tail drive smarter questions granular data is consolidated and filtered through multiple lenses delivering a concise interactive executive summary ideal delivers an accelerated level of issue identification and allows for multi-faceted industry tailored views into underlying profit drivers and key financial risks data processing is expedited focusing deeper analysis on value-added areas and driving smarter tactical decisions it delivers big picture insights from granular level details I tell transforms data from multiple sources into interactive dashboards easy-to-read reports and actionable insights enabling a better understanding of the business with Deloitte you will realize cumulative benefits that build on themselves through our people processes and technology ideal presents end to end capabilities across the deal lifecycle beyond just the initial diligence phase our goal is to allow you to take your growth strategy to the next level and achieve value you may not have realized before

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