Luxembourg ICT Cluster

di PCI is a European project that has been launched by four countries and Luxembourg has a very specific role in there as we are coordinating this project the project is to further rate existing European HPC infrastructure and to bring them into the cloud the second point of that IP CI is to build exascale technology and the third one is to build up international test paths for the Internet of Things it is an industrial project done by industry for industry that means that we have to build all the projects together with the industry so we have to assemble all the stakeholders here in Luxembourg to be part of that project the objective is to prayer prepare the digital revolution for Luxembourg and to capture that data and turn it into economic value we have a very strong ICT players here and we believe that they can play a major role in that project and bring Luxembourg forward as an ICT place 2016 was quite interesting a year lot happened you know from locally actually in Luxembourg you had a lot of events especially for the startup scenes going from picture startups or inside ICT Springs and other events around initiatives for startups for government where we also were present and when it comes internationally we have some interesting events like the one in London after the brexit where we went to London to attract fintechs to Luxembourg and explain what Luxembourg can offer in regards to the European market and an opening or different other events like world hosting days where we also were present and were part of it but there is also a national part in it so what we want to do is also to build up a national HPC competence center for Luxembourg and we want to make this available for the local industry

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