LSE Thinks | Could technology save the high street?

that has the possibility to change the written experiences for instance by allowing consumers to look at your clothing item and see how you look on them a look at a makeup product and see at you know see how we look on them as well so technology will have an impact in the way that it helps consumers better connect with super I better connect with the services get additional information that means that your sales person in store can focus on all the paths of the Kingston experience and that all the part has to be about making the shopping experience the consumption experience a fun engaging way to be in the store you shouldn't be going to store and filling it as a toy you should go and you should be going to store feeling that is something exciting something that you want to do something that will give you an experience that is a unique experience trying to use technology to create a unique experience by either personalizing the content that people you get access to it on this month fund by personally personalizing the advice of you getting to people is a way that technology can reach in the rich the customer experience

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  1. Alon Fain said:

    All videos in this mini-series have poor vocal recording. This one has a metalic ring. Another is faint. Another blurred. The musac detracts further from comprehension.

    June 28, 2019

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