LPN and Nursing Informatics: Can an LPN become an informatics nurse?

hi I'm an LPN and I want to know if I can get a job in nursing informatics of course an LPN can get a job in nursing informatics as long as you have at least a year of clinical experience but don't I have to have special education to get a job in nursing informatics not necessarily many nurses have gotten jobs in the field without having a master's degree or any certification and there are plenty of LPNs working in the field with just their LPN license but when I look for jobs they all say I need experience and informatics how can somebody with no experience get a job in this field I always tell nurses interested in informatics to get involved with their informatics department in their current job become a superuser attend the user meetings where decisions are made about the software being used in your floor some hospitals look for nurses to test their application participate in that in short become aware of what your informatics department is doing and see how you can get involved with them this is the type of experience that will help you find a job in this field and of course visit our blog on the link below to learn more

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