Longview IoT Solutions Overview

I'm not tracking your people properly not only are you risking their safety but you also are losing productivity and you're not able to track your true cost of your business and therefore you may not be getting the right overall production capability out of those people and contractors that are on your job site things disappear all the time tools walk off the job site you don't know where they have gone just the loss of this equipment sometimes takes personnel man weeks to track that's why we've created Longview it allows you to track your assets which include people and things and it also allows you to connect to all different types of sensors that can measure things like trash can levels that can measure temperature in your freezers any type of sensor that you want to connect we can connect to the Longview solution is an all-in-one for measuring things in your business sensors talk to gateways in a lower configuration so the Gateway will read the sensors and then the Gateway talks back to the Internet and the cloud to read all the data and the cloud delivers that data to your user experience at an application the Longview gateway also has a unique feature where it can mesh the gateways together using Wi-Fi this allows multiple gateways to talk to each other and only one gateway then to have to have internet connectivity reducing your operational costs vastly we've created a solution that not only has three layers of security but because of our patented technology our devices can be upgraded in the field the longview solution includes software that we've configured and built in-house for industry verticals that match your business specifically so you can create the business outcomes that matter the most for you what you put in longview it's a business that's actually able to be measured in real time through a dashboard on your phone or on your computer you can see where your people are where your things are and measurements on all different types of things in your business so if you were having problems tracking your people and your things you can implement longview and it's a solution that allows you to in a quick dash board or through alerts have a true impact on your business that saves you money and creates efficiency

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