with your loma i q– metal detector we will be sending a manual and we strongly recommend you read the manual all the instructions for how to set up and operate the machine in the manual including what we're going to be showing you here we're going to take you through a quick product setup but all of that sort of thing is in here in your manual in addition to your manual you will receive test ones voilá test ones with your machine this is a llama IQ metal detector it happens to be our item number why 2362 we're going to set up a product so the first thing we do is change to an empty empty product come up that Calgary when you go to set up product set up under three name and we happen to be doing rice basically typing in the name here let's set up right right Patek no leave that I know what that allows it to if it's not a dry product it will detect the wet product okay ridiculous so let's cut it the product is now setup we've learned that product we put the name in and tested detected the two millimeter alright so again that's the product learn on low my cube metal detector or it says product calibrate on the display I'm all this is in the manual come with machine and you have test wands to work with that are also provided with the machine hope that helps again look through the manual and follow the directions something that's not in the manual is that you do have to hit the red button when the machine rejects and the buzzer buzzes hit the red button to reset the machine because there are several different options for reject devices put on machine the belt stop alarm reject obviously stops the belt and sets off the buzzer and you reset it by there is also a screw I just see it there on the bottom that you can miss that screw to increase the volume or decrease the volume of the buzzer

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  1. Marsha Leah Lumawig said:

    Hello. We have a dressing plant situated in the Philippines. I am wondering if there are any supplier/s we may contact for the metal detector. Thanks

    June 29, 2019

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