Live-wired vs. Hardwired Data

we live in the age of data there's just too much data around us to consume analyze or make sense of but as humans we are lucky because we have the ultimate cognitive machine the human brain it has the capacity to navigate and learn from specific areas of data most importantly it can live wire itself based on a set of inputs and learnings forming new ideas and understandings that help define our own memories beliefs and hypotheses this then leads us to ask new questions and dig deeper when we have questions we often turn to things like a search engine but even the best search engines can only enlighten a tiny piece of information in this vast ocean of data based on specific questions and predefined algorithms and what's worse is that most analytical tools in the market use SQL and relational data structures which only allow the user to explore information in a predefined linear fashion based on hardwired connections in the data so we have a mismatch between the human brain which livewires itself and the typical SQL based environment that relies on hardwired connections this creates limitations and blind spots for example a user never gets the chance to uncover that one hidden and unexpected connection that would reveal a valuable insight or stimulate an important new question but that's not how things work with qlik our technology is different when the user asks a question our unique associative engine dynamically calculates analytics based on the actual connections or associations in the data instead of arriving with everything wired up based on anticipated questions clicks technology shapes itself based on the evolving context driven by the user or in other words the questions that the user asks and our cognitive engine leverages AI to analyze these livewire connections on behalf of the user this helps surface hidden insights and prompts the user to think of new questions analyzed data in a nonlinear fashion and go in new directions

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