Level 3 HACCP e-learning – training course content

welcome to this level three hazard course an e-learning course for food manufacturers presented by advanced food safety limited let us have a look at the course program and following this introduction to the course we'll first start a short video presentation on what has has an analysis and critical control point is all about so in there we'll look at the origins and the development of hasip over the years then we'll look at a number of video presentations on why we use hasip the first one will look at incidents and the limitations of traditional quality control and random sampling next we'll have a look at the external pressures and then the legal requirements of hasip and then a video presentation on customer requirements the next video we'll have a look at how we do a hasip study the first in this series we'll look at prerequisite programs then we'll look at how and what we need to do a hassle study in general and then we'll be time for your first work activity and this will be to construct a process flow diagram based on a scenario that you will download following that we'll have a look at the process of hazard analysis and firstly that'd be a video presentation on microbiological chemical and physical hazards and examples of them then we'll have a look at risk assessment and control measures for the hazards that we have identified then there'll be a video presentation on how to carry out hazard analysis itself next will be the second work activity work activity B hazard analysis this will give you the opportunity to carry out your own has an analysis study of the steps we've selected from the scenario the next video presentation will be on how we identify critical control points and that will introduce you to the codecs decision tree you will be able to use those skills then in work activity C which is CCP identification the next video presentations will be on how we control critical control points and first we'll be looking at how we assign critical limits and target levels and then how we establish monitoring and corrective action procedures and assign responsibilities to those who are responsible for monitoring the ccp's and carrying out corrective actions that will lead on to work activity D and this will involve completing a full passive chart next will be a video presentation on verification and implementation of the hasip system so we look at how we verify a hasip system and implement a system then we will have a video presentation on maintaining a Hassim system and the first we'll look at hasip audits then we look at data analysis how we keep up-to-date with new and emerging hazards and training to help us maintain a sir that will lead them to work activity II which will be compiling a NASA audit checklist with the video presentations you can stop and start them at any time but you need to do them in the correct order in fact you will not be able to go on to the next video until you have completed the previous one there will be a video presentation on exam tips we have a mock examination online this is exactly the same for of questions that you'll find in the final examination but remember your final examination is paper-based which will be sent to your invigilator now the mock exam online is timed 90 minutes and you have 45 questions with four possible answers to each one so that will help you with a bit of revision as well for your final examination and following the results of that you may wish to recap by going back to some of the previous videos following that you just need to arrange your final examination you can either do this by contacting the office our telephone number is oh one two five seven two five four nine nine nine or you can email info at food – safety UK or you can download the form and send that on to us by email and we will arrange for your final exam paper to be sent to your individual eight you

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