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welcome to another edition of the Cisco Networking Academy field guide to careers join us as we dive into the deep mysteries of the Internet of Things the Internet of Things or IOT is a region where most have only skimmed the surface but beyond the shallows is a whole world of opportunities waiting to be discovered smart homes smart cars smart wearables everyday objects are becoming more intelligent and more connected if you want to dive in you'll need the right skills good thing you have the instructors of Cisco Networking Academy seasoned pros well trained in the very latest teaching methods your journey begins with introduction to IOT then dive deeper into IOT fundamentals from there you can make your way to connecting things and explore just how much potential IOT holds for improving our lives next you can swim through big data and analytics plunging into the currents of data connectivity like the pros then get hands on creating full-blown solutions with the hackathon playbook you can also immerse yourself in emerging technology workshops to explore how new tech impacts careers in networking security and other areas best of all you'll get certificates of completion that prove you're ready to dive into new challenges think creatively and chart your company's way through the sea of IOT Cisco Networking Academy is your ticket to the expertise and opportunities you need to broaden your horizons discover the latest courses set out on an exciting career journey at netacad calm you you

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