LATEST: Greenbrier County Board of Education releases statement regarding fight

RILEY: A fight aais basketball game prompts administrators to release a statement. 59 News Reporter Claudia Sessa spoke with Superintendent for Greenbrier County, Jeff Bryant, to hear his thoughts on the incident. VO On February 11th, Greenbrier East and Woodrow Wilson High Schools hit the hardwood for their highly-anticipated rivalry game. What was not anticipated was how the night ended. During the fourth quarter, a fight broke-out near the visitor’s bench. Officials and state police intervened, and made the decision to suspend play. JEFF BRYANT/GREENB RIER COUNTY SUPERINTENDE NT: “this is more than wins and losses. This is about molding kids.” VO Greenbrier County Superintendent Jeff Bryant says the community’s goal is to move on from the fight. In a statement, Bryant commended Greenbrier East High School students for keeping their cool during the incident. As for the rivalry, Bryant said he came to an agreement with Superintendent of Raleigh County Schools, David Price, to work together in demonstrating leadership and sportsmanship to their students. JEFF BRYANT/GREENB RIER COUNTY SUPERINTENDE NT: “you know, we’re better together than we are apart. So the goal is, we need to reconcile, we need to heal, we need to take action where necessary for people who did the inappropriate actions, but we need to move forward and do what’s right for kids.” VO Three men were charged over the fight. WV State Troopers charged Donte Nabors with obstructing and disorderly conduct, Eugene Nabors with obstructing, and Steven Damon with disorderly conduct. Steven Damon is the father of one of the Lady Spartans. Now, officials are discussing whether or not he can attend the next girls basketball game. As for future games between Woodrow Wilson and Greenbrier East…. Bryant has this to say. JEFF BRYANT/GREENB RIER COUNTY SUPERINTENDE NT: “we’re gonna work together, we’re gonna meet. We’re gonna say ok lets take all precautions, lets do everything we can to ensure young ladies and gentlemen can play in a non threatening environment.” Reporting in Greenbrier County, Claudia Sessa, 59 News. RILEY: Showers and cooler temps made their way back into the region today…. Stormtracker 59

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