Kohler brings the IoT revolution to your bath

Kolak enact is a group of products we introduced to the market with smart functionalities connected to improve the customers lifestyle before you along sets off Polo Connect starts to prepare the bathroom project it prepares the temperature like and also prepares the water for you it gives you all the necessary information you need standing in front of the mirror we use Microsoft Azure platform we use average the key component from Microsoft vision of color Kinect is to take gracious living one more step we push to live on the leading edge with innovation and up both design statements taken birth market is moving forward to the smart kitchen bears and technologies the proudest we are introduced into this market enable the customer to manage their personal lifestyle in our app we developed Devo funky shoes the app will shut down the can negative products which can save a lot of image by using Microsoft out it we can cut our development time in half this Microsoft ecosystem gave us a very effective and productive environment to build our products whereas Microsoft Azure it's a huge opportunity and big responsibility to play such a key role of coda company's future

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