Knight Rider RC Car – Mechatronics Project – Fall, 2017

we made a Knight Rider themed car so and I read as a show from the 80s it's where like the sweeping light effect became really popular so our car works by this walk just tilt it forward to go forward backwards to go backwards and right and left to control a steering mechanism in the front and so it does that wirelessly using an RF transmitter and receiver we have music so it bumps the Knight Rider theme song as it's going unless you stop it by having it something come in front of it and when that happens it slams on the brakes and then when it's going forward Excel an accelerometer here that's that's producing our data that we had an output LCD or display right here on the watch that gives you numerical values for throttle and steering those values are then transmitted to the to our communal minis on this certain port here and so it's transmitted to the first one and that one interprets those values and uses and computes them to give us an angle for our steering that's then sent out to this server arduino Meeny also sends data to a second arduino that runs control for our large drive motor as well as our music player and it also controls the price to the sensor at the front end well so this jarringly linkage uses instantaneous center of zero velocity so if you go perpendicular to the wheels they didn't angle slightly so that this linkage meets actually in the middle of the center axle for the back wheel this allows it to have differential steering so that when it rotates the one that's on the outside of the curve has a slightly less steep radius than the one on the inside and that allows differential steering and it can go both ways so that allows it to have a smoother curvature when it's going in tighter radiuses RF receiver and that's the transmitters in the wash so in the watch we have a little mini with a battery and the transmitter also we have a face that shows the direction so it's tilted it goes positive or negative here and throttle that like changes confident ones bank card and negative when it's going backwards so we actually have our first Arduino about putting a pulse width modulation signal that has a duty cycle that's proportional to the data that we're wanting to send in from Arduino and then we passed that signal through a low-pass filter so it actually averages out of here your PWM signal into a lot of value that's proportional to that data and so then we're able to read that analog value through a 2d conversion on the receiving you know the entire construction of the car for the most part was done using inexpensive off-the-shelf parts that we typically ordered from Amazon pretty much everything in here six bucks or less piece for piece the entire cars 3d printed from the h-bridge mount to the motor mount to the rear suspension to the proximity sensor and LED scanning bar holder like everything in here is super well constructed and well built for replace ability and repeatability by anyone who wanted to recreate this product themselves rear drive system is adjustable front to back with the motor controller so we can get the right tension on the belt system

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