King University – Health Informatics

King obviously stanza to provide students with meaningful education and also high ethical decisions and this is where all our programs stand on this is the basis or the core of all our programs in additions our health informatics program provides meaningful education and is based on different programs it's practically composed of Health Care Administration health informatics and also information technology and therefore our students are really well educated and bringing themselves that well around the personality upon the graduation and can bring that practically to their field of expertise to their environment community and to life I'm passionate about teaching simply because I like to bring the best in others 8 to bring best in others simply happens by being yourself and being genuine and caring and compassionate and providing knowledge in a meaningful and easy way so I find it very natural indeed and enjoy it with all my heart I simply enjoy teaching and I enjoy being with my students and sharing you know our experience and knowledge and providing that vision and support that they need emotional support as well as well as educational support and understanding and trying to build the meaningful community of community of students and alumni classrooms that I teach I'm obviously always on time and try my best to be to respond to my students within 15 or 20 minutes not out or to and I usually respond not only on time but I try my best to provide to them what they asked for and if there is something that I'm not able to provide I always reach to other of our faculty or our support people including our student support specialists who are wonderful people in work in line with all of our faculty in addition there is technology available to all of us including zoom meetings including Skype if needed or a phone call

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