Kielce University of Technology video – EDU customer testimonial – VAR – SOLIDWORKS

The faculty is relatively young. Both the university and faculty were established in 1965. We offer doctoral degrees in three disciplines, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, and Automatic Control and Robotics. In addition, we offer post doctoral research in Mechanical Engineering. An important part of practical training, is certification. Our certification program show’s a students expertise with SOLIDWORKS software. Certification is addressed specifically to students of CAD / CAE speciality and Computer Aided Design, but it is also available and popular among students of other specialities, other fields, who show interest in this area. However, we try to ensure that students have the opportunity to get certified in other courses, but there is no doubt that we have the greatest success in our SOLIDWORKS certification program. SOLIDWORKS software is used in such courses, as Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computerization of Construction Record (CoCR), Engineering Drawings, and even the Basics of Machine Design. The number of hours depends on the course witch is between 10 to 30 hours within one semester. Students are eager to participate in the certification program. Our experience shows that from year to year, the examination results are better, there are more and more exam takers, so in my opinion, this is a great opportunity for students who are eager to take the CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional) exam . At the University, we have introduced the program, which makes it easier for students to take and pass the CSWA. It is mandatory for all teachers to succesfully pass their CSWA exam before teaching any SOLIDWORKS class that focuses on mechanical engineering. Therefore our educators became certified and adjusted the level of their classes accordingly to the level of certificate requirements. All our certification exams are proctored exams. Last year, we had 62 students get their certification, five different types of certification, with an 80% accuracy. I prepared for one year, in my CAD and CoCR classes. I think I am prepared. I would like to pass the exam because I hope, my certification will improve my competitiveness in the job market. We have introduced a promotion system for our graduates, who already are SOLIDWORKS certified. At the main website of our University, in the Graduates tab, you can find the details of people who are SOLIDWORKS certified and are in the last semester of first or second degree studies. This list helps students find full or part time jobs. Therefore, every student is willing to participate in the program. In addition, we noticed that it educates our employers. Local companies are looking for employees who are CSWA certifiied, as a prerequisite before being offered an interview.

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