[Applause] [Applause] the quality of this bloke look at this he was a decent delivery up in the block oh he somehow managed to get enough been on it down the ground for four 50 partition and just 30 [Applause] it was a yoga and this is the beauty what a shot he split whatever you can do I can do better says vino come on we've seen two exquisite reverse switch from baby de Villiers on this occasion shimmy is inside then goes look at this it's right inside the line and gets it away very fine for for the gain of four toss missing the block hole allowing the bats with an opportunity to get some bet on it [Applause] it's stretch of the Falaise gotta go but de villiers might have crossed over we'll have to wait and see the de villiers crossed over and he'll get the strike that's the end of in a coma he's got his job Vina come on very well indeed a change of pace extra cover makes no mistake baseball gets a second and continues to be a big part of this game you know Camargue on for 18 157 for 7 it's exactly on par 157 5-4 RCB so they're gonna have to defend a pass score here to win their opening game of the DLF IPL 2012 harsh Alfa tell the last man to go last ball of the innings and what a debut for Doug brace well there's there's a had a very very good afternoon three wickets for him plus a catch stunning catch and a run-out and the dilly Daredevils well I think they'll be pretty happy with where it's ended up and they can be pretty content with the way they've gone about things very happy it'll be 158 but 157 you have to say this is not Vasco from the situation that the wavin at one stage eighty five four five and then late partnership between de Villiers will probably was the best batch from you this our 464 just for e2 had a very very good just Lodge the off stamp end through the innings for Doug rice well very good last over finishes up with two wickets in the last two balls no Denny Morrison is down state

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