Julie Smith: Analyzing scientific problems at the nanoscale

Because as a child I used to sit
out at night and look up at the stars, and my father would point out all the
different constellations. And from that point in time, I always wanted to
understand how the universe worked. I’m really excited about my work here
because I get to follow my real passion, which is secondary ion mass spectrometry.
And this technique is really cool—you can look at isotopic variations on a
really small spatial scale. One of the greatest challenges here is a
combination of things. It’s answering really important scientific questions
and working on research and development projects, which require collaboration
across people here at the lab and also outside—and pulling on a lot of
different resources from different people. Here at Oak Ridge I get to follow
my passion, which is mass spectrometry, and that’s what I really love doing
every day. I just find it fascinating.

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  1. Maurice Upton said:

    Did I detect a kiwi accent?

    April 10, 2018

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