Journey with Microsoft IoT in Action Across the World 2018

>> All through the day, we're trying to create
a common language. Something that we
can anchor around, so that when we're talking to
each other about solutions, we're talking about
the same thing. >> Any time we can
get hundreds of partners close to
a thousand partners gathered in an event like this
to talk about IoT and the business opportunity,
it's amazing. >> This started out as a small concept to get 250 of our most intimate
partners together. What's happened
is, the power and the interest of IoT
is kind of taken over. >> The Seven properties, they're kind of a summary of the very most
important lessons of security that Microsoft has learned over the last 20 years. And to be able to come here
and engage with customers, and get their feedback,
and particularly, to hear where they are on their journey toward
the seven properties, and figure out
what can we do next to help them move
on down that path. >> Events like today present unique
matchmaking opportunities for a wide variety of
different partner types. >> I'm really
excited to see what's going to come out from more of the automated space and
machine learning space and AI. >> Now we're in a environment where it's not about
the technology, it's about great outcomes, great experiences
for our customers. And Microsoft is driving that inside portion of
our customer engagement. >> It is almost like
a perfect storm, where you look at this
and you say, "Okay, AI will actually
take this data and be able to construct
meaningful insights, meaningful interpretations,
but actually go one step further and allow
me to do predictive actions, proactive actions as well.". >> Microsoft IoT in action is
a great opportunity for us. Because we've got to deliver the key message to
Japanese customers. >> We built our vertical
market solutions on the Azure platform, enabling us to make
rich applications that can be easily modified so that we can scale these for the masses. >> So, for us over
the last year, we've really amped up
our engagement with Microsoft and
we're excited about where we're going because we're now hand in hand in many of these
applications of our server. >> We all know this is
going to be a huge market. Trillions of dollars
between now and 2020. And yet, over half the
companies are going to be earning that revenue haven't
even been formed yet. >> We are here to bring to life the world of the Intelligent Cloud,
the intelligent edge. Partners can use things
like cognitive AI services, that can stop really
stitching all of this together on this foundation of
world class security, reliability, and global scale.

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