Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation Sunset Review | 2019 JLARC Preliminary Report

Hi my name is Amanda Eadrick and my name is Melanie Stidham. We are staff to the Joint Legislative Audit and Review
Committee and we reviewed the program Joint Center for Aerospace Rechnology
Innovation also called JCATI. The program was created by the Legislature
in 2012 and provides aerospace research grants to professors at Washington’s
public universities. The program will end on July 1st 2020 unless there is
legislative action. The Sunset Act requires JLARC to review programs in
the year before the expiration date to assess whether the program should
continue, be modified, or expire. The Legislature established three goals for
the program and we found that these goals are being met, The first goal is to
pursue joint university industry aerospace research in Washington. Since
2012 JCATI has administered an aerospace grant program which has
awarded nine million dollars across 109 grants. 65 Washington university
professors have worked with aerospace firms on research projects. JCATI has
also hosted annual aerospace symposiums for industry professionals students and
professors. The second goal is to enhance the education of students in Washington.
392 students from the University of Washington, Washington State University,
Western Washington University, and Central Washington University have
engaged in JCATI research opportunities. The third goal is to work with aerospace
firms in Washington. 64 aerospace firms have been part of JCATI grants. 50 of
those firms have a presence in Washington. Grants involve at least one
Washington firm. Firms have contributed the equivalent of 7 million dollars in
cash and in-kind support to the research. Since JCATI is meeting the legislative
intent the Legislative Auditor recommends the program continue. Without legislative action JCATI will end on July 1st 2020. If you’d like more
detailed information about the JCATI program or our audit please take a look
at our full report.

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