Jigsaw Academy: Data Analytics Courses

the world relies on data big data because nowadays data is used to drive decisions in business processes from industries like FM CGS to banks and media companies our entire world runs on numbers and the people who can analyze numbers and base their decisions on data analytics will be the leaders of tomorrow there is a huge shortage of data analytic professionals and demand is high jigsaw academy is india's premier analytics training institute started by industry veterans it offers business relevant training on the widely used analytic tools and techniques we will teach you to solve real-world business problems using real-world business data jigsaw Academy's unique online platform allows you to learn at your convenience from wherever it is that you are at home at work or at the park it fits into your busy schedule and gives you an added advantage of total flexibility jigsaw also provides placement services with India's leading organisations thereby offering an end-to-end service for our students our students have been successfully placed in companies such as Infosys Genpact wns and Citibank and many have seen their job profiles change for the better within the company they are working in enter the new world with jigsaw academy you

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  1. Ajitabh Kumar said:

    Thank you jigsaw academy for a wonderful experience. I would specially like to thank Sarita And Gaurav. You guys rock!!

    June 29, 2019

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