Jeff Clark, Vice Chairman, Dell Technologies on the company's operations in Ireland

Delf technologies is a global technology company founded by Michael Dell in 1984 we aspire our purpose is to advance human progress and we are the world leader in infrastructure technology from the edge to the core to the cloud we operate in 180 countries with a hundred and forty five thousand team members across the globe servicing millions of customers every year Della's operated in ireland for more than 30 years we have over six thousand team members in Ireland and Dublin and Cork in Limerick and cherrywood doing a vast array of activities from hardware development to software development to IOT solutions to sale services and we run our global supply chain out of our Limerick facility Ireland has been a tremendous place for us to operate in we find great access to talent the talent is very very good particularly in the supply chain in the R&D world the talent also comes with a very biased nature towards being global and we do a lot of global functions out of Ireland which given the timezone provides us great coverage in the mindset of a global organization I think is very much in line with how we think of Ireland it's played a key role for many years for us and will continue to do so we've had a very long relationship with the IDE for over 30 years and it's been very successful they've helped us transform our business in Ireland we initially started off as a manufacturing site in Ireland and today it provides global functions across services and our supply chain it's a headquarter for us to do much of our R&D around software development and core hardware development and clearly helps us service the local market with sales and sales support functions across amia so the idea is helped us they've given us access the talent they've helped us in that transformation and I think our future is very very bright in Ireland and working with the ITA as well

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