Jack Welch on Data Analytics, Demonstrating Value & Going with Your Gut

now the question you all have to answer with analytics cuz we're drowning in analytics and the question you gotta ask every time is what is the outcome why are you getting this these data why why are we chasing this one and you've got to be able to show outcomes because otherwise you'll drown in this field of data and it's fashionable it's very fashionable it's a big data oh isn't that exciting big data big data only matters if there's an outcome that you can act upon and you as leaders have got to challenge the people in your organization what are we trying to prove here with this what is the outcome we're going to bring to the organization to change the game and that's where we're at you know we got me cat we got periscope we got all these tools now to communicate so much more effectively to all our stakeholders customers share owners most importantly employees are we you are we enamored with the technology and the data or do we have an outcome in mind that we're really chasing mm-hmm so we used to sit together in a couple of GE meetings and so did Jeff and actually there's a lot of GE of communications alumni in the off in the room today but we would sit and there would be tremendous amounts of data coming in from your BD team from your finance team the data was not coming in from coms so how now do you look at that in terms of saying I know it's outcome driven but how how do you even get the voice at the table start talking about data analytics you had four people up here one I think write Facebook has the data analytics team one has a couple one maybe one and the other not yet but wants them we're not we're not there yet the same way Biddy would be or legal or finance and why is that that is budget that is resources but it's also the CEO saying I need that information isn't it well it's also low a CCO who will demonstrate the value it and and will not be just the fireman of the fire woman that will demonstrate the value I mean if you were if I were the CEO and I heard that pitch from master cat today I'd be all over there but I don't want to see him more often I want to talk to a more often I want to I want to hang out with them I don't want to know I have a lot more and I think that's how it happens it doesn't happen or organization or your bosses on the chart it happens with the intellect that's driving it you go where the intellect is who's gonna make you smarter and that's the game I mean every CCO here can either put out the fire I'll make the team smarter and those are two different jobs and the old one is putting out the fire and the new one is making that CEO or any staff member so much smaller but they can't afford not to hang out with you they can't afford not to give you more resources you wrote a book called straight from the gut that sort of goes against data doesn't it is that where do you balance the emotional intuition and knowledge of a CEO versus data that's staring in the face saying something different well I think you know God is only pattern recognition it's data you've accumulated over a number of years that allows you to make a call if you go to what assisity and you see cranes everywhere with buildings with high-rises going up everywhere and somebody comes in and gives you a pitch to build condominiums you might not jump at the deal you might want to wait and look a little bit so it's just seeing things through historical patterns that'll that align Maeve I still think it's a you like as much dancing yet yet one of you you usually got the one thing about yet that you can't do when you use your gut you got to go with it you can't then sit back and be a critic and say I knew that shirt and it never should have done that i I see CEO stool that also I'm poor pointing down the hall oh I know was never gonna work then why the hell you do it you gotta own it you gotta own it mm-hmm got you got home you

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