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technology is advancing at a dizzying speed smartphones social networks self-driving cars cyber smart cities every day brings with it another breakthrough but for the two billion people in the world suffering from Parkinson's Alzheimer's schizophrenia depression ADHD and many other brain related illnesses progress is coming much too slowly breakthrough research and innovative technologies are out there but the path from invention to patience is long and difficult and the hurdles are many we need to bridge the gap pave the way and bring brain technology solutions to life by myself it'll be the most important or Attila evolution ice our lives Israel brain technologies was established to fulfill Shimon Peres s dream to accelerate solutions to brain disease we do this by bringing together researchers clinicians entrepreneurs and investors to foster innovation and collaboration resource and support the most promising early-stage projects through our unique accelerator program we provide education and enrichment to the brain technology ecosystem IB T's dedicated team and international expert network support brain innovators at every step of the way but this is only the beginning today's advanced technologies from machine learning and Big Data to virtual reality place us at a unique moment in history at which we can bring these advancements to help the people who truly need them join us together we will make it happen bringing brain technologies to life

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