iQ Launches new student well being campaign: Embrace the Unexpected

we know that University is the exciting time for students but for some it can be daunting using a research with relate as a foundation we have launched a campaign embrace the unexpected which encourages students to make those unexpected choices and approach things differently that might help them make new connections tonight we're kicking off our embrace to the unexpected campaign they were bringing together a whole host of experts from the relationship space our partners relate and also a number of experts that are focused on mental health for students I've been working with relate and IQ on the partnership that they've brought together looking at the issue of student loneliness and we've been doing some research over the last months to really understand a bit more about what student experience and what might be done about it iq snoo accommodation also have a massive role to play in this space because we've got 30,000 students that live in our homes around the year I will be chairing this evening's panel discussion with IQ and relate it's about basically getting through those really tough university years when we tend to get lonely and not know quite how to make friends and find our people as bravely and happily as possible in Greece the unexpected embrace is it is a hope that our combined focus on this issue will not only add to the national conversation about student well-being for loss and courage all involved the step forward embrace the unexpected try doing things differently and play a key part in helping to choose to have the best possible experience at university we're working together we can all play a role and enabling students to have their best view yet you

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