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well ladies and gentlemen one of the prerequisites of being an explorer is that you report back and what I'd like to do is to talk a little bit about that process and one day of a nice man a polite man for the BBC rang me up here's the phone call that everyone's waiting for and this man said we've got this thing a video camera this invention would you like to take it on one of your journeys I thought brilliant money and he said no no no we can't actually pay you but could you just take this and I said Oh fine where is it he said well no you have to buy it actually the one when I've got him when I've got in my hand is mine BBC property but if you could secure one could you film on your adventures so anyway I thought was a lovely idea I took this camera off and I found myself paddling Mike knew her very small tributary trying to get away from two hitmen and it's it actually wasn't all that funny at the time glad do you think he was but no it's really quite serious I was 20 metres ahead of this bloke in the canoe and he had this big rifle and I was essentially waiting to die and it obviously being British I didn't paddle too fast but you know it was I was waiting for this is this terrible bullet in my back and even though he really was a bad moment I'm ready and they kept on missing and it turns out that you know I haven't thought about this assassin that's coming every different level like every other profession you get a first-class assassin and then you get your you know that one always gets it right you've somehow second class assassin who more or less gets the job done every time and then you get the third rate hitman who makes a total mess of it every time and that's what I had that he's been missing me and I discovered they couldn't multitask these people they didn't know how to effectively paddle the canoe and kill someone at the same time and I jumped from the canoe into the forest and I got away with it and I realized that I was suddenly safe this forest that were taught about as the place that was full of snakes and piranhas on all these terrible things this wasn't a hostile place to the indigenous people it was their home we gave them their food their midst and their shelter and so these were sort of things I was running to start to convey i'm needless to say the BBC didn't want that film after all that they did ask me to go back this is my second serious I'm being sold three of the dodgiest camels in the whole of the Gobi which is why these two men are smirking I think left he was go Bastian because he was met with strongest camel a very very powerful beast he staggered whenever I even put my little baby a plastic tripod on the so he was useless but it was better than jig the middle camel jij it was very clever you don't want too many clever camels on your expedition he was no good then there was Burt Burt and he had one hump and was made to have two is AB acting camera you know so he had one eye I couldn't help noticing well that's all I wanted to say about my expeditions but it see for me it's about immersion it's about trying to get to grips with a place and see it as not alien and in conclusion I'd like to say that I think expeditions or exploration isn't really about a lot of the things that we think it's about it's not about planting flags it's not about conquering nature it's not about going somewhere in order to make a mark at least I don't think it should be it's about opening yourself up make yourself vulnerable and allowing the place to make its mark on you

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