IoTeX in Cointelegraph I Ucam – CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree I EP68

Hello IoTex community and welcome to this
week’s news digest. Here are the latest updates for you. This week we made an
important notice that all of the remaining points in the IoTeX profile
system will be converted to native IOTX by the end of the month if you have
points left in your profile system, we asked you to log in and set a valid
ETH address by November 15th in order for us to do a batch swap of all of the
points to native IOTX by the end of this month. This week marked an important highlight our product Ucam was selected out of 5,000 products as CES
2020 Innovation Award Honoree. IoTeX joins Google, Amazon, Sony, LG and
others as winners of this prestigious award. Ucam is the first blockchain
powered IoT product that will be hitting the consumer market this December 2019. Make sure to stay tuned to our updates and the pre-orders. IoTeX has been
featured in CoinTelegraph discussing why quantum computing won’t kill blockchain. Our head of cryptography Dr. XinXin Fan provided three key steps to
ensure quantum-safe future make sure to read the article and don’t forget to
retweet and share check out the AMA summary with crypto
India that we held last week and also our congratulations to the winners of
the most interesting questions and coming up this week on November 13th we
will be hosting another AMA session with crypto believers you are able to
ask your questions starting now on Twitter or join us live during the
telegram AMA and ask your questions in the chat and the top five questions will
get rewards from IoTeX so make sure to participate


  1. SANGCHUL SONG said:

    greatest project ever, will dominate technology, will change world and will make history!

    November 10, 2019
  2. Lucas Fonseca said:

    Greatest projetct! my good investiment

    November 11, 2019

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