IoT to empower economy, society and our lifes

hello in 500 meters you will be arriving at your office I'm setting the temperature to 21 degrees the office it's talking to us just like the city and my son's home would you like me to drive you to the next available parking space yes please just a yes and the car drove a straight to the first free parking space how convenient welcome you have received a request for anything do you want me to propose a suitable time for all participants opening the blinds and adjusting the lights the temperature is now 21 degrees where does all this information come from it must be that Internet of Things again this smart system keeps my son updated on his business impressive how technology has changed how we work today we can easily control our businesses from our office in the past we had to run all around the facility to get the full picture is this the position of all the trucks and their statuses in real-time ah this truck seems to need repairs and must be hundreds of miles away well if the smart system recommends a repair it must be necessary oh my I was worried I made a mess but my son told me the system is safely protected from need or any other potential intruders a few clicks and the problem was solved IOT definitely makes business life easier so now my son has more time for our family amazing

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