IOT Parking

every day 20 barrels of fuel are wasted one of the reasons is the difficulty of motorists in finding a parking lot but now we have a sophisticated technology that resolves the problem it is I or II parking by using the sensor which is planted in the ground IOT parking provides you information about parking lots which are already occupied are still vacant that information can be accessed by any media which connected to the Internet we can access at any time and anywhere so you don't have to go around for looking the vacant parking lot this technology will help you find the vacant parking lot easily decrease the traffic jam and also reduces the wasting fuel the parking agencies can also change the old system and replace it with the modern one database information that has obtained in the device can be used as information for better parking service to the customers

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  1. Unboxing Sve said:

    Is it really developed somewhere?

    June 29, 2019

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