IoT made simple with IBM Watson IoT Platform

the Internet of Things is huge 7.1
trillion dollars of value generated in thirty billion connected devices by 2020
it's happening now and you can be a part of it IBM's IOT platform lets you connect
sensors and devices to the cloud platform using IBM Bluemix also you can
collect and secure data from industry-leading analytics and gain
insights in real time to make timely business decisions we help you build
launch and manage IOT applications and solutions quickly securely and at scale
whether you're fast-moving startup or a global enterprise the IBM IoT
platform harnesses the power of the cloud open source solutions and secure
flexible technology you can shape IOT your way as you create new business
models in revenue streams turn devices into points of transaction and values
understand usage patterns and seamlessly manage logistics and physical assets you can quickly get started with the IOT
platform on IBM Bluemix by connecting your IOT device, a sensor, gateway or other smart endpoint to the cloud send the data to IBM Bluemix via a secure lightweight messaging protocol like MQTT now access everything in our convenient
platform the IOT platform manage your connected devices and access API's
analyze the physical world in real time use predictive models to optimize
servicing bring the power of Watson to your things choose from over 70
additional IBM Bluemix services to enrich the application it's all scalable
adaptable and open to all device vendors so you control your data experience IoT
for yourself with a free trial visit us online at
followed the try demo sign up for IBM Bluemix and you're ready to go use your new IBM Bluemix login to quickly
deploy a sample application and your IOT Service Connect your smartphone sensors
to your own application open the IOT dashboard to see the data streaming to
the service now return to your Bluemix dashboard and click services and
APIs here you'll find an ecosystem of services from data storage and analysis
to cognitive computing to mobile the number of services are growing fast to help you evolve with the market
demands for help head to our IOT homepage for content including videos
webcasts and our developerWorks site where you can get answers from other
developers this is an incredible moment with an exciting future imagine
cognitive computing platforms like IBM's Watson assessing IOT data delivering
insights in helping you innovate IBM is making IoT simple secure intelligent
and accessible to deliver on your business objectives get started today


  1. Rajender Babu said:

    it is possible to send the data from sensors to IBM cloud and that data from cloud to mobile pone through g-mail or message

    June 27, 2019
  2. Mark Castellani said:

    IoT Guide—No-Fluff Practical View: Internet-of-Things (IoT) as a Platform

    June 27, 2019

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