IoT is Here – Make the Most of it with SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

I see Leonardo is here by 2020 the number of connected things sending valuable data and insight to businesses and consumers will be more than any of us can predict but the value of this data is not in the volume it's what we do with it that matters most turning valuable information into insight is an important first step in your journey to digitally transforming your business a modern digital core makes these insights contextual real-time and immediate and when you take these insights and extend them beyond your core the immediacy of FAPE Leonardo creates a live business that is intelligent predictive and opportunity driven you can then take action with powerful insight you can immediately change business processes and most importantly you can optimize and drive innovation in a truly live business environment essentially your business will automatically adapt to change in the moment whether it's to avoid potential challenges or cease leading market opportunities across your entire extended ecosystem si PU Leonardo not only produces outcomes like lowering costs optimizing productivity and greater efficiency but you will also find a level of operational excellence and innovation that were never in your field of vision before you'll discover new revenue new products and new services in short a chance to reinvent your business run live run simple

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