IoT Internet of Things

hey everyone my name is aja Hamilton and my topic is the Internet of Things Internet of Things in my own words and what I think it means is the internet being used in everyday life so that can mean traffic light cellphones animals elevators even your Apple watch or your Fitbit right because other things are controlled by the Internet I found it interesting reading about my topic is that how how it can how can better our population how him about our pollution and our food supply and you know just growing and advancing like any devices that the internet controls you know I never thought those things could be controlled by the internet so my major is social work in my future goal is to rip of children that are victim of sex trafficking and sexual abuse and physical mental abuse and everything I think this topic can relate to my future career goals maybe because it can give estimates of how many shirin are out there that are being abused and how we can help these people before they even be put in this situation also like tracking devices on these people yeah I also found it interesting that that we needed in everyday life you know so we can't live without it basically the Internet is controlled and we use it every day we really can't live what I would to be honest we can but our life has been so accustomed to using the Internet in the things that would use daily controlled by the Internet so how can we function without it you know like I know it's very important and I know in the future things will change but I want to know like what population will this help who it affects how it affect us and how can they make us better as a whole you know so yeah it's pretty explanatory explain a story about the Internet of Things because things can be brought in to anything right it's just how we function day to day we use it daily I know I use my phone daily and specially social media in that plays a big role in today's society you know so it can be a good thing and it could be a negative thing you know so that's all I have for today and thank you for watching

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