IoT Experts: What is M2M?

so my name is axel I'm responsible for strategy and marketing at Gemalto m2m I'm going to give you a short introduction to M to M and gemalto so first of all what is M time m TM or machine to machine is also referred to by some as the Internet of Things it's the school technology that enables machines assets or just about anything to communicate with another machine a central portal or IT system so now you're thinking why would you do that and what's so cool about it let me give you an example or two then automotive our technology is used to bring the Internet into the car so that you can read emails get street views streamed into your car while you're navigating now imagine this car is connected to intelligent traffic systems that guide you to free parking spaces automatically called help when you have an accident now the example is public bus transportation MTM enables the position of the bus to be located automatically vehicle diagnostic information can be transmitted to identify potential problems before they occur such as defective air conditioning or operators can update the in vehicle entertainment system while the bus is moving about by using m2m the transportation company can offer a better and more reliable service while keeping costs down through efficient processes m2m is about enabling new business ideas such as in-car entertainment or making smart decisions based on information from remote assets such as the example of the bus now you're probably thinking okay this is cool but how do I get started this is where Gemalto can help you in the 90s the first customers started approaching us to help them connect their machines we decided to package cellular connectivity into these simple and ready to use devices that we call m2m modules we've continuously invested in making them smaller better and easier to use so that today our customers are integrating connectivity into almost any product and any industry it could be automotive it could be payment terminals vending machines smart meters energy healthcare peep management tracking tracing of valuable goods securities such as home alarm systems or video surveillance and we even have a customer that's tracking crease but that's another story once you have an idea of what you want to connect you take one of our modules you attach some peripherals or sensors to it for example GPS or temperature and then you connect your machine to the Internet you probably use a similar phone for machines we make special machine identification modules or memory that are optimized for machines and give you secure access to mobile networks we also have a range of solutions that make it really easy to deploy these MEMS once you're connected you still need to make sense of all that data that you collect and this is why we developed a cloud platform that we call sensor logic since logic provides api's to common functionality such as location information or a range of business rules to create actionable events that can be used for smart decisions this makes integrating remote assets to your enterprise IT in order to optimize your processes really easy many of our customers have started off with a simple idea turn it into a product grew it into a business and took it global this is where our experience and solutions will support you as Gemalto m2m we provide you with the tools that tell you where your asset or machiners and what's data's in what's happening to it so that you can use that information to make some smart business decisions and we help you grow your idea into a business and to take it global a tomato m2m we make the edge of your business a part of your enterprise IT system and help you improve your business performance m2m will change the way you do business and we here to help you do that

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