IoT-connected facilities management for buildings

so this is a proof-of-concept in fact this is a solution from a company called Yancey which is about building management systems and facility management systems what it is is they provide a number of sensors such as this which is a PIR detects movement also detects humidity and temperature this one here just detects temperature and humidity these are connected and installed very very simply and very very cheaply into an existing building they also have a back-end solution an internet-based cloud-based solution that takes all of this data the data is connected from these sensors to this intel-based a gateway fed into the cloud into the backend into an application to actually where this data can be controlled can be monitored or indeed it can be fed to another application an example of this is of connected this actually to graphical monitoring software here this is actually a 3d graphical representation of a heat map this actually is our Intel office in Sweden and we can actually see this is the heat map we can see the different temperatures here of the different rooms and then I can actually even click on an individual room here and see once again I can pick up actual temperature data from there I can pick up individual temperature data from there ok I can actually also then drill down for instance I can look to one of the rooms there and maybe let's see some of the facilities like a water cooler or a fridge so let's have a look at that and here we go so here's a piece of equipment here coffee dispensing machine what we can see here is how many times coffee was dispensed we can for instance look at the energy consumption so it gives you an idea of the usage of the facility it's a very cheap and quick easy way of integrating this for instance to any building management systems or facility management systems that is already there this information can also be very powerful for stuff like preventative maintenance because actually if you've got clever software in here you can actually analyze the current as this turns off and on and you can see when something's about to fail so you can actually kind of intervene and make sure that this is always up and running

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