IoT: Better Healthcare Through Better Technology

hatachi consulting better healthcare through better technology providing healthcare was once far simpler than it is today legislation technology and reimbursement charges have forced the entire healthcare system to shift the way care is provided however there are opportunities for improving the patient experience patient and asset management within healthcare facilities and IT system reliability historically physicians haven't had access to a holistic view of a patient's health physicians were forced to make treatment decisions with limited or partial data this started to change with the mandate for electronic medical records for the first time complete patient medical records could be collected across providers and when data from EMR systems and consumer wearables is merged it's possible to organize and process data beyond typical clinical scenarios at the same time advances in technology provide new and low-cost ways to detect diseases when combined providers and patients benefit from more comprehensive views of patient health and treatment progress enabling providers to more accurately adjust treatments hospitals and assisted living facilities do not have the resources to monitor every resident and residents of these facilities are not equipped to monitor and regulate themselves meanwhile funding constraints depend on optimization solutions to effectively and efficiently distribute and manage equipment so facilities need to rely on pervasive technologies like passive RFID bracelets and low-energy beacons to supplement monitoring and management efforts but none of this works without the technology to support it thankfully advances in system automation and cloud architectures can significantly reduce or eliminate many of these risks in the end while there are challenges there are also many opportunities to overcome them by intelligently combining and using clinical and consumer source data passive technologies to better track assets and patients or reducing risks by automating system recovery healthcare providers can significantly improve healthcare delivery itachi consulting we make it happen better

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