IoT-Based Smart Street Lighting Enhances Energy Conservation

street lighting is a significant community service and uses a major chunk of public energy resources trends and power consumption show that 18 to 38 percent of energy bills go towards fulfilling this need with the rising demand for power and the increasing gap between demand and supply issues such as power outages and unoptimized usage like bright lights in low footfall areas lead to heavy wastage and inconvenience to citizens there's a need to optimize this consumption through smart street light networks without compromising citizen safety we at cyant developed a smart street lighting prototype our prototype depicts a model of four areas across a city and offers the ability to monitor and control lights in these areas it has sensors to detect human presence and is able to adjust the light intensity accordingly it can monitor and control all the streetlights remotely this helps in identifying outages and their exact location as part of this prototype a web application was developed with features such as representation of the streetlights through ESRI map services real-time update on light status centralized monitoring and control of specific street lights the prototype has a microcontroller that gathers and sends information from the sensors to the cloud the web application accesses this information processes it and sends commands back to the microcontroller to control the lighting given the global focus on energy conservation it's desirable to invest in more efficient power distribution and optimize power consumption technologies our solution addresses these needs for citizens convenience and to be more energy efficient we are after all designing tomorrow together you

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